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    5 Habits That Hinder Weight Loss

    5 habits of weight loss

    If you are serious and want to loose weight but yet you do not get effective results in loosing weight, of course, you are lacking something in your dieting routines. 

    Many people think that they have to eat less to loose weight which is wrong. Sometime we gain weight instead of weight loss. I am going to share some mistakes which people make while dieting and they do not get better results.

    1. Staying hunger whole day

    Make your diet plan to eat at least five times a day but very less food each time. It will help you loose weight. But most people keep themselves hungry which make them eat too much even in a single dose and it will increase weight.

    2. No or less breakfast

    .Breakfast is best food for human but we take it granted and even don't take breakfast while in response we eat extra food in lunch and dinner which make us gain more weight instead of weight loss.

    3. Non-vegetarian

    Vegetables has very less calories which helps in loosing weight while we don't eat vegetables and eats meat instead. So eat major part of your food with vegetables instead of rich calories food.

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    4. Less protein intakes

    More often people keep protein intake no to less but it make our metabolism very steady and carbohydrates make us more thick and our dream of smartness gone vague.

    5. Drinking less water

    Drinking less water make our metabolism slow and unbalance. Study shows who drink 3 glass of water in morning has fast metabolism.

    Super fitness tip:

    Do you know, our extra fat of almost 80%, drained as carbon dioxide through our lungs, while other 20% drain out as fluid i.e. Urine, sweat and tears.

    Best Nutrition tip:

    If you consume 35 gram protein at start of day, that will make you feel like less hungry and stomach feel like fulfilled that will help you loose weight.

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