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    Complications Due To Alcohol Abuse Episode-5

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    Complications due to Alcoholism

    Drinking excessively for an extended length of time causes physiological, psychological, and social difficulties. The amount and frequency of drinking, as well as the alcoholic's overall health, influence the degree to which difficulties develop.

    Medical Complications of Alcoholism 

    All organ systems can be harmed by chronic alcohol misuse and dependency, including:

    1. The formation of blood

    1. Anemia
    2. Bruising is simple.

    2. Cardiovascular

    1. Abnormal heart beat
    2. Heart failure
    3. Hemorrhoids
    4. High blood pressure
    5. Increased heart rate

    3. Gastrointestinal 

    1. Diarrhea
    2. Varices in the esophagus
    3. Gastritis
    4. Esophageal inflammation and/or malignancy
    5. Infectious disease risk is higher (e.g., tuberculosis)
    6. Hepatitis, liver cancer, and liver damage
    7. Blood sugar levels are low.
    8. Pancreatic carcinoma is a type of cancer that affects the pan
    9. Pancreatitis
    10. Ulcers


    1. Confusion
    2. Problems with coordination
    3. Depression
    4. Coordination problems
    5. Damage to the nerves
    6. Psychosis
    7. issues with short-term memory
    8. The Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is a type of neurological disorder.
    9. Stroke
    10. Visual impairments
    Vitamin deficits are linked to some neurological problems. Blackouts, or the inability to recall events that occurred while under the influence of alcohol, are rather common. 
    Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, or irreversible short-term memory loss, is a rare but probable complication of prolonged alcoholism-induced vitamin B deficiency.
    Excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to foetal alcohol syndrome (i.e., low birth weight, short length, small head size, mental retardation, and damage to muscles, including the hert).

    Psychological Complications of Alcoholism
    Up to 44% of alcoholics have mental health problems that existed before they became addicted to alcohol. Mood problems are an exception; alcoholics frequently acquire mood disorders such as significant depression after becoming dependent. Alcoholism and depression have been linked in studies, and alcohol is involved in 25% of suicides.

    Social Complications of Alcoholism

    Relationships with family, friends, and coworkers suffer as a result of social alcoholism. Divorce and separation are more common among alcoholics, as is domestic violence and other forms of violent and aggressive conduct.

    Workplace absences, poor performance, and, in certain situations, on-the-job accidents are all too common. Legal issues, such as citations for driving under the influence and/or traffic accidents, are also widespread.

    Worst of all, alcoholism is fatal. Alcohol is thought to be responsible for up to 150,000 deaths each year. More over half of all murderers and their victims are thought to have been intoxicated at the time of the murder, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV of the American Psychiatric Association. 

    According to the National Highway Highway Safety Administration, drunk driving was responsible for nearly 16,000 traffic fatalities in 1997. There are also a rising number of alcohol-related deaths on college campuses, including those caused by acute alcohol poisoning and accidents.

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