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    What is Leukorrhea and treatment of Leukorrhea at home with simple home remedy

    Leukorrhea or milky white discharge is that the medical name for normal discharge. you'll notice it in your undergarments. It’s usually thick and sticky. It is white or yellow, but it doesn’t cause itching, pain, burning or irritation of the tissue round the vaginal opening. 

    It’s hard sometimes to inform the difference between leukorrhea and normal  sexual discharge caused from STIs or a yeast infection. If you’re sexually active and have a discharge that's new or different, you must make a rendezvous along with your health care provider.
    Due to leucorrhea, you feels itching in vagina, back and feels pain and burden on foot. You may feel physical weakness, frequent urine and aggravation and usually feels constipation.

    About 80 percent of women facing Leukorrhea issue even after marriage. But don't worry today i am going to show you a simple home remedy to cure and treat Leukorrhea easily.

    we use Aleo vera Pudding (Halwa) to cure Leukorrhea. it is very simple and easy to made as given below:

    Aleo vera gel
    250 gram
    Semolina (Sooji-سوجی)
    4 tablespoon
    Grinded jaggery
    2 tablespoon or as you like
    Sesame Seeds  (white seed-سفید تل)
    4 tablespoon
    Clarified Butter (Ghee-گھی)
    4 tablespoon

    How to make it
    Heat the clarified butter in a pane and fry the semolina in it same like we fry in a usual pudding. Then pour grinded jaggery, sesame seeds, clarified butter and aleo vera gel into it, then mix it slowly and then keep it in a clean pot.

    How to use
    Take it when empty stomach daily in morning with a glass of water. Surely, almost use of one week, Leukorrhea/milky white discharge will be over completely.

    However, Gusset (Singhara) is easily available now a days, use it as possible as you can use because it is a simple and perfect cure for leucorrhea/white discharge

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